Custom lettering is endlessly unique and the personal nature of every order means prices will vary per project. Please find an overview of introductory pricing below, and contact me with custom inquiries.



Invitation orders are all so unique! The price of a custom invitation suite is influenced by many factors including quantity, printing method, embellishments, and number of pieces per invite. The first step for creating custom invitations and constructing a personalized price estimate is to contact me to set up a non-committal consultation where we go over all of your options and the design process. I would love to treat you to coffee or a happy hour and answer any questions! Pricing is competitive and I serve a wide array of budgets.

Signage: Mirrors, Windows, Chalkboards…

Cost of surface is not included; a list of preferred rental vendors is available upon request, and surfaces can be sourced for an additional fee. Client is responsible for pick-up and drop-off of orders; deliveries available for an additional fee. On-location services outside of a 10 mile radius of Minneapolis susceptible to a travel fee.


Welcome Signs

Pricing is dependent on overall size, styling, and materials. A calligraphy title with couple’s names and light illustration starts at $80.


Seating Charts

Pricing is dependent on overall size, styling, materials, and number of names. Seating charts featuring a calligraphy title and light illustration start at $100 plus $1.50 per guest name.


Additional Signage

Pricing is dependent on overall size, styling, and materials. Smaller chalkboards, A-frame signs, and bar menus start at $50


Commercial Displays

Pricing is dependent on overall size, styling, and materials. Please contact me with inquiries for unique and eye-catching marketing such as mural displays, window lettering, and chalk menus.



Envelope Addressing

Addressing starts at $2.50/envelope and varies according to style. Click here to see my calligraphy style guide and pricing PDF. Please note that the cost of envelopes is not included and a 15% surplus of envelopes is required per order to account for last minute guest changes and human error.


Place Cards

Cost of paper or alternative surface not included. Place cards start at $1.50/piece for guest’s name and table assignment and increases with additional information and embellishments such as watercolor washes (pictured).


Product Personalization

Please contact me with your inquiry as surfaces and materials vary greatly. On-location personalization is available for events such as product launches and customer appreciation events at an hourly rate.

Tutoring and Workshops


I offer one-on-one tutoring as well as group hand lettering workshops. Private group gatherings can be arranged for an hourly rate plus the price of materials and feature a custom project tailored to your group - think bridal parties and office team building! You can also sign up for one of my DIY or beginning calligraphy workshops that I offer throughout the year. Be sure you’re on my mailing list to get discount codes and be the first to know when new workshop dates are announced!