Hello, lovely! My name is Molly McDougall and I am the owner and head creative of Love Letters.

As the daughter of Minnesota artists I grew up designing and creating every day - bless my parents hearts for dealing with the mess of paint, ink, chalk and marker that covered my clothes and hands on a daily basis. I was always encouraged to express my creative side and I learned the importance of having a creative outlet at a very young age.

I started Love Letters as a way to use my hand lettering and design as a resource for others to express their own creative visions. I want you to approach Love Letters as an outlet for whatever your artistic dream may be. I love meeting new people and the uniqueness of every person, couple, and business's story is what fuels my work. I want to meet you, I want to learn about your story, and I want to help you share it in the most beautiful way! 

When I'm not drawing or designing it's probably because I have my hands full of coffee, dogs, ice cream, or my passport.

photo by Caitlin Harle